Alexandria Desert Road Key Account Event 2021

The product groups BONSILAGE CLASSIC, BONSILAGE SPEED M and BONSILAGE FIT M offer the optimal solution for every silage.

BONSILAGE silage additive. Market and innovation leader since 2000. Every professional milk producer knows: the quality of the basic forage is a decisive factor for milk yield, sustainable animal health and thus for cost-efficient milk production.

With BONSILAGE silage additives ,PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS GmbH has been supporting milk producers in the production of perfect grass and maize silage.

A completely new generation of silage additives has emerged from intensive research that combines decades of specialist knowledge about animal nutrition and lactic acid bacteria with the latest findings on animal physiological metabolic processes . With the product groups BONSILAGE CLASSIC , BONSILAGE SPEED M and BONSILAGE FIT M you now have uniquely innovative silage additives at your disposal. Adapted to the harvest and feeding situation, especially for your requirements.


"Our leadership in Middle East & Africa Agri-Farming Business has been made possible by the belief in our mission that you share with us. I am committed to continuing the proud tradition of Promovet as a purpose-led organization, calling on the great range and diversity of our talent and capabilities. We will further dedicate ourselves every day to the responsibilities defined in Our Code of Ethics, the first being our responsibility to “livestock markets, Agri-farming business integrators and animals, the economy and environment and all who use our products” every day. This is our legacy at Promovet."

Dr. Fouad Hosny
BVMS & MIBA, France
Promovet Egypt Trade
Managing Director & CEO