Letter of Founder

Dr. Fouad Hosny

Promovet Egypt Trade
Chairman & CEO


Dear Promovet colleagues,

I am honored and humbled to serve as the Global Chief Operation Officer & Managing Director of Promovet. I follow a strong legacy of leaders who have worked together with the staff, board, community, and businesses to make Promovet one of the best Agri-Farming Business Integrators in Middle East & Africa markets.

Promovet has changed greatly in the last 3 years as we have learned that we can use the best resource we have-- our people-- to improve livestock industry economy and industry development. Over the past years we have faced challenges, but I want us to be able to look back and say we are better because of the challenges we overcame together to make Promovet what it is today. Throughout it all, Promovet has been an encouragement and resource to lead the way for the future.

We have looked back, and now, to build upon the successes that we have achieved, I want us to "Launch into the Future." To start, let's reflect on ourselves personally and professionally. Where are we? Have we put down our anchor and held on industry challenges? Do we need to look towards Promovet members and partners that can be lighthouses to guide us into the future? Have we already launched our ships and --sailing in the right direction-- needs to help those coming behind us? This kind of self-evaluation isn't always easy, but as always said before, "We're all in this Together." As we grow and succeed individually, we build our industry together. Together we can continue to make Promovet one of the best Agri-Farming Business Integrators in Middle East & Africa markets in the future, too.

Our Promovet team is as diverse as our products. What binds us together—across international borders and business groups—are our values.
Over past years, Promovet has evolved into domestic and international markets driven by both integrity and innovation. This is a reputation built over time and a legacy we should be proud of. The responsibility to protect and enhance that legacy lies with each of us. This is a duty we must uphold to our customers, to our shareholders, and most importantly, to each other.

Promovet Code of Conduct defines how we live and work:
Be Good.
Be Honest.
Be Fair and Impartial.
Be Loyal.
Be Accurate.
Be Respectful.

I thank each of you for your hard work and your ongoing commitment to the values that define our success here at Promovet.


I am honored to be just Global Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director of Promovet in our history. This legacy of leadership is a tribute to the success and stability of Promovet, and to the belief in the importance of our purpose held in common with us by our shareholders over past years. Personally, I am truly humbled to lead the incredibly talented and dedicated people who work for Promovet.


Our leadership in Middle East & Africa Agri-Farming Business has been made possible by the belief in our mission that you share with us. I am committed to continuing the proud tradition of Promovet as a purpose-led organization, calling on the great range and diversity of our talent and capabilities. We will further dedicate ourselves every day to the responsibilities defined in Our Code of Ethics, the first being our responsibility to “livestock markets, Agri-farming business integrators and animals, the economy and environment and all who use our products” every day. We’ll also continue our commitment to our employees, and to the communities in which we operate and proudly call home. And to you, our valued shareholders, who have placed your confidence and trust in us. This is our legacy at Promovet. In recent years, I described myself as a realistic optimist, and despite our challenges, I firmly believe there is no company better positioned to be recognized as one of the best Agri-Farming Business Companies in Middle East & Africa markets.