SuperBiotic is a new Era to use Microbes in animal feeding For Ovine

Culbac Animal Dry is a Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ supplement which has consistently outperformed probiotics and prebiotics alone in livestock. Boosting performance and profitability of livestock by enhancing immune responsiveness, reducing stress-related illness, improving digestibility and nutrient uptake, and supporting a high population of beneficial organisms in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is the goal of prebiotics and probiotics alike. Culbac Animal Dry achieves the characteristics of a combined probiotic and prebiotic formulation.

Culbac Animal Dry's concentrated formula is an easy-to-use, dry feed supplement, that contains vitamins, minerals, biopeptides, amino acids, glycoproteins in a nutrient medium and our proprietary bacteria in a protected stabilized form. Unlike many other products on the market that use probiotics or prebiotics alone, Culbac Animal Dry doesn’t require refrigeration because we stabilize the microorganisms in our products.

Yellowish to grayish granulated powder

Sheep & Goat 3-5-g/head/day.

22.7 Kg Bag

  • Stable at room temperature, and requires no refrigeration.
  • 24 months.

It is recommended to store the product at a cool and dry place and to protect from direct sun exposure.