BONSILAGE. Measurably improved feed quality.


Actively Improved Aerobic Stability

» BONSILAGE triggers a controlled front end fermentation which suppresses undesired microorganisms through a quick pH drop
» In a controlled back end fermentation lactic acid and sugars get converted into acetic acid, which actively suppresses yeast and molds
» As a result, secondary fermentation (reheating) will be reduced and forage remains more stable under aerobic conditions (oxygen stress).

Preserved Fermentable Carbohydrates (FCH)

» BONSILAGE converts available plant sugars into valuable fermentation acids and metabolites
» Specific fermentation acids actively diminish secondary fermentation (reheating) and conserve feed value
» In total, BONSILAGE protects maximum amounts of rumen available FCH (NDFd, starch & sugar).

Dry Matter & Nutrient Retention

» BONSILAGE significantly reduces the extend of DM losses through a controlled fermentation
» More net energy will be available through higher DM conservation
» Proteolytic protein degradation and ammonia release will be reduced by using BONSILAGE.

Glucogenic Effect

» The L. buchneri strain used in BONSILAGE is a strong producer of propylene glycol
» Propylene glycol is a glycogenic precursor for direct energy supply of high lactating dairy cows
» The anti-ketogenic effect of propylene glycol reduces the risk of ketosis and stabilizes the energy metabolism.

Improved Fiber Digestibility

» Fermentation acids and metabolites break up fiber over time
» Highly digestible fiber components will be conserved as undesired bacteria are depressed.

BONSILAGE products rank as the No. 1 silage inoculants in Europe and are now available. Our products contain viable, specifically selected lactic acid bacteria (LAB) produced by our affiliated plant Lactosan a leader in scientific selection and production of LAB for silage and probiotics in animal feed. Our access to such highly sought after bacteria, along with extensive on-farm research and feeding trials, results in superior forage quality and feeding value. All of our LABs are EU-registered strains.


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