By 2020, PROMOVET would be a Holding Corporate which comprises different companies for trading and manufacturing of Animal Feed Additives, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, and Agriculture Fertilizers, consistently providing its customers with the combination of perfectly world-class research driven and outstanding products and services that creates an extraordinary return on investments. In addition, Promovet will serve and covers its customers through three regional scientific and trading offices, one for Africa which would be located in Cairo – Egypt, and one for Middle East which would be located in Dubai - UAE, and another third one for Eastern Europe which would be located in Izmir - Turkey. Promovet aims to get the highest market shares within the selected target market segments and achieving 15,000,000 US$ total sales revenues on 2020.


Delight our customers, employees and shareholders by relentlessly delivering extra-ordinary customer-centric company in the Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe where we inspire and nurture our partners' spirit. PROMOVET is aiming to fulfill Customers’ Expectations by exceeding them where all our experts work on just one goal, to give customers and partners, the best possible opportunity for putting their entrepreneurial vision into practice. Excellence in Agri-Farming Business-that is our commitment to customers and partners.

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